Through the use of technology, a company can automate their marketing efforts. By utilizing marketing automation, you can save time, costs and resources while also gathering useful information. Marketing automation can do a variety of things automatically for you, such as effective email campaigns or gathering useful information by generating leads. In this year many white label website design companies recommend marketing automation as an effective means of marketing. 

Let me show you a few of the best marketing automation tools you can use this 2020:


Pardot is capable of integrating with Salesforce, SugarCRM and other known platforms. This great marketing automation platform, and is also very robust & capable of customization. Pardot also has a very user-friendly dashboard that makes users comfortable with the platform. 

Active Campaign

This platform is excellent for companies that are looking for a variety of features without spending much. Active Campaign is very useful when you want to use email marketing automation, email response automation or when you want to personalize your own content. 


If you are looking to keep your leads on track then Keap is an excellent solution for you. Keap is extremely useful for small companies and is able to integrate with Google, Outlook, and WordPress. One thing to consider is that Keap is not good at complex marketing automation, so it’s better for small businesses. 


Great for small companies and with a variety of automation tools in a single platform is what you find in Ontraport. Ontraport is a tool that provides a wide selection of pre-made templates, data analysis tools, and other great features. 


Hubspot excels in providing solid email marketing capabilities and a variety of other great features. This platform includes CRM integration, excellent social media, and management capabilities. It may be a little pricey but it is an excellent marketing automation tool!

Marketing automation is divided into a variety of features such as email marketing, lead generation, and data analytics. A good marketing automation tool can provide great features and enough customization to accommodate your marketing strategy. These tools are excellent when you are looking to save time, money and also enjoy an efficient system that you can trust. Here is a bit more about the different features of marketing automation:

Email marketing & automation

An excellent feature that allows you to target specific customers and send them automated emails, as well as other great tools is email marketing & automation. This feature allows a variety of options for you to customize regarding receiving or sending emails. 

Data Analysis Tools

Having information is excellent to conduct a proper marketing strategy. Data analysis tools allow you to gather data via lead generation, email campaigns and other methods of analysis. 

Lead Generation

Generating leads plays an important role in the sustenance of a variety of businesses. Lead generation makes easy to be able to understand and draw even more potential customers.

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