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The design of your website reflects a whole lot on your business. Whether you had chosen to work with a freelancer or a white label website design expert, certain situations may warrant that you update and upgrade the design of your online platform. Many people make the mistake of failing to realize when it is appropriate to redesign their website.

Similar to a car or any other appliance in the home, a website needs to be maintained and updated to ensure that it remains attractive and also represents the business effectively.

While the health and maintenance of a website are two important reasons why you need to pay attention to website redesign, some other factors should be put into consideration. Below are some of the reasons why you would need to redesign your website.

When your website is not mobile optimized

In this day and age, it is almost impossible to agree with a serious business owner that their website is not optimized for mobile browsing. If your website is not mobile-friendly, this may be harming your business in more ways than one.

A website that is not mobile-friendly will also have a problem with being responsive. This means that users who are accessing your website from smaller screen sizes like mobile phones may have a problem viewing the complete page like they should be able to.

Website responsiveness is a big factor for both small and big businesses and if you are really interested in making sure that your website is easily accessible, then you need to invest in a website redesign to cater to this requirement.

A mobile-friendly website ensures that visitors are able to get the information they need from your website on the go using their mobile devices instead of having to rely solely on their laptops or larger screen sized electronics.

When You Begin To Notice a High Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is a problem for many websites, however, this particular problem may be the undoing of your website if its frequency increases above the normal threshold. The bounce rate is calculated by the number of website visitors who come to your website to view one page only. If your users fail to navigate away from the original page which brought them to your website, this may be an indication that your website design is not one that encourages visitors to shop around for information on your platform.

A great way to tackle this development is to seek a complete overhaul of your website’s design, ensuring that you address problems like where the bounce rate is highest on your website.

Once you identify the problem causing the unusually high bounce rate on your website, proceed to address it to improve the on-site experience offered by your website.

Long Load Times

An average internet user has a short attention span. This, in essence, means that website visitors are most likely to change their mind about visiting your website if it has a long load time or if it is slow. Slower load times may be a result of a number of problems including server problems, the size of resources on the website, and inappropriate design. By completely overhauling the website, you stand a better chance of repurposing media and other content on the website.


As a website owner, whether you are operating a blog or a business platform, it is recommended that you take time out to ensure that your website complies with the latest design trends as this can improve your experience and that of your visitors. To learn more about website redesign, visit 

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